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Department of Applied Chemistry, Chuo University

Join us!Join us!

Welcome to the Chemical Spectroscopy Lab at the Chuo University. We welcome international students or researchers from chemistry and physics backgraounds, including laser spectroscopy, microfluidics, analytical chemistry, material scieneces and so on. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contuct us, we are willing to cooperate writing scholarship or fellowship applications.

For international students,
addmissions for intenational students for Chuo University
Information on Scholarship programs
General information for studying in Japan

For foreign researchers,
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers (12-24 months)
Short-term JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Progmam (1-12 months)

JSPS Summer Program (16 June through 26 August)

We have another program to invite a foreign researcher programmed by Chuo University. If you are interested in our field of study and would like to visit our group, please contact me.

Chemical Spectroscopy Lab
at Chuo University

1-13-27 Kasuga Bunkyo Tokyo
Japan, 112-8551
TEL&FAX :(+81)3-3817-1913