Yasunori Minami

Bachelor of Engineering, Osaka University, March, 2005
(Prof. Nobuaki Kambe, Osaka University)
Master of Engineering, Osaka University, March, 2007
(Prof. Nobuaki Kambe, Osaka University)
Ph.D. of Engineering, Osaka University, March, 2010
(Prof. Nobuaki Kambe, Osaka University)

Research Internship, University of Illinois (John F. Hartwig's group), May-July 2009

Professional Career:
JSPS Research Fellow DC2-PD, April 2009 - March 2011
Assistant Professor, Chuo University, April 2010 - August/3 2017
Associate Professor, Chuo University, August/4 2017 - current

2008, Poster Session Award, 35th Symposium on Main Group Element Chemistry
2009, JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists, Apr 2009-Mar 2011
2011, Toray Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
2015, Chemical Society of Japan Lecture Award for Young Chemists

Research Interest:
Synthetic Organic ChemiatryAOrganometallic Chemistry

Japan Chemical Society
The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
The Kinki Chemical Society, Japan
American Chemical Society